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    Branding Manager – www.wozanigroup.co.za

    “Finding the right role for a candidate can make a huge difference. It’s more than just a numbers game to us. Our emphasis has always been on the human touch, so it’s great to hear back from people enjoying new lives in their new roles. Thanks Afrijobs Recruitment South Africa”

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    CEO- recruitme.com
    “Successfully recruiting on behalf of our clients is more than just filling a role. When it’s done right it’s about completing teams, bringing in young or exciting new talent and adding something extra. ”

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    Branding Manage – intermedia.org.za
    “We have been delighted with the service provided by Claire and her team – she has taken all the stress out of the recruitment process, and in a very short time we have ended up with an excellent new employee. Thanks, well done, and we look forward to settling the invoice! Nick.”

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Afrijobs (Jobs South Africa, Vacancies and Recruitment) reaches people with opportunities across the web through exclusive partnerships and community sites as well as through innovative utilization of convivial networking sites and mobile contrivance functionality. Looking for a jobs(vacancies) in South Africa? Search now for roles in: Accounting, Administration, Advertising/Media, Agriculture / Farming, Apparel / Fashion, Banking, Client / Customer Support, Construction, Design, Education and Training, Energy, Power Distribution and Utilities, Engineering, Finance, Franchise, Government, Health Care / Medical – Allied Health, Health Care / Medical – Health, Health Care / Medical – Nursing, Hospitality and Tourism, HR and Recruitment, IT and Technology, Legal, Logistics and Transportation, Management, Manufacturing and Operations, Marketing, Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas, Publishing and Production, Recruitment Gauteng, Rail, Real Estate and Property, Retail, Sales, Science and Technology, Shipbuilding, Trades and Services.

Many young recruitment consultants make the mistake of trying to be friends with all of their potential contractors. You are likely to lose respect and lose contractors if you don’t focus on your best business and meeting skills

A positive and realistic attitude is important because you will be dealing with people during a large part of your day. Come to work motivated, ready to listen and focused on motivating others.
The role of recruitment consultant is a highly social role. If you are not driven to communicate with others and pitch to new clients, you are unlikely to succeed.

Few new recruitment consultants can get by with a 40 hour work week. While you are developing your list of contractors and your business clients. You will need to spend hours researching and contacting people. Outside of producing job descriptions, interviewing contractors and arranging appointments

Market yourself to businesses where you believe you can successfully place candidates regularly. Focus on producing a prospective client kit, generating reviews from other businesses and keeping your business contacts happy so that they provide you with a steady stream of positions to fill.

You should be adept and phone calling, interviewing and emailing. Many recruitment consultants struggle with finding a balance of keeping in touch but not pressuring the contractors..

Try recommendations from company employees, word of mouth, job postings and developing your own website to post positions..

From Our Recruiters (Jobs South Africa) Blog

Clients large and small rely on us for a complete range of human capital needs: from attracting and selecting one-of-a-kind candidates, to integrating and managing entire recruitment processes, improving employee performance, developing future leaders, and managing redeployment and outplacement programs.

Finding the right approach means we have to know each and every client’s business, understand their issues and determine actionable steps that work in their environment. We treat each client, candidate, and contractor with the attention and respect they deserve, as befits our corporate values: integrity, respect, collaboration, empowerment and responsibility.

And with Afrijobs(recruitment Gauteng), you get local expertise backed by global resources and a network of professionals. Recruiting, motivating and developing people in markets from Gauteng to Cape Town, Durban to Rustenburg . This is a play ground for recruiters,recruitment specialist and professionals.

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